segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2008


A primeira incursão na areia em ressaca do (não) Paris-Dakar


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Awia disse...

Hallo for All the Portugal friends.

Just yesterday we have return home to Slovakia. It was a long a really cold trip.

I want to thank you for a fantastic ride in sand on 5 of January. We are the 3 bikers from Slovakia (2 GS and 1 Africa Twin)

Best Regards Tomas Hajduch

Gonças disse...

Good news guys!
Hope your trip was great, and that you made Morroco!
I've checked in here: and it doesn't seems that you've hit Africa :os

Awia disse...

Yes you see it right. We have to think all. The route to Slovakia took us about 4800 km, so we have to thing about money and time. We were 3 bikers and we have to make decision together becouse here in Slovakia we have a snow now. We have to return together in case there is ice on the road we will call a car somewhere in croatia.

But it on 14. january there was not ice in Slovenia, only tempereture 3 deg. C and rain. We have made last 800 km from Slovenia to home in one cold and rainy day. Only one fall on ice :-)